Stallholder Information

Marketing and publicity

The festival is extensively advertised, publicised and marketed in order to ensure we receive consistently high visitor numbers. We do not guarantee promotion of each individual stall attending, and encourage all traders to promote their attendance at the festival.

The selection process

Please be aware that enquiries from stallholders will only be considered if they are accompanied by a detailed description and/or photographs of items to be sold and your stall set up.

 Please note that this also includes repeat stallholders.

Both new and repeat stallholder applicants will be considered on equal terms against the evaluation criteria.

The retail quality, uniqueness and mix of products on offer plays an important role in the overall appeal of the event and is something that the Garstang Victorian Festival Committee continues to work to improve.

Application packs are only sent out to successful applicants and must be returned, with payment and documents, by the specified date to secure your trade space.

Stallholder Application Information

These guidelines outline the criteria used when assessing applications and some general information relating to the event and operations.

The following criteria will be considered when looking at stallholder applications:-

Locality – All other criteria being equal, stallholders from the local area are given priority over those coming from further afield.

Retail Mix – Ensuring that there is a wide range of product types across the whole market and we encourage new and innovative products for sale at the event. We work hard to ensure there is  good mix of stalls and that stalls with crossover products are limited.

Suitability – Garstang has a variety of unique top quality retailers located within the town. Stallholders at the festival should be able to offer something ‘different and unique’ to compliment what is already on offer on the high street. We also look for stalls that look appealing and will be a good fit for the festival.

Application packs must not be obtained from anywhere but the Garstang Victorian Festival stall organiser. Applications made on forms obtained from another source will not be accepted.  

What your pitch or stall rental cost includes

Pitch fees are outlined on the application form. We do not provide anything for your stall set up so, as an outdoor event, you will require your own table, gazebo and lighting if required.

Setting Up and Vehicle Access

Instructions for arrival and set up will depend on your pitch location, detailed instructions will be sent with maps approximately 2 weeks prior to the festival.

Our road closure operated from 4.30pm until 9.30pm allowing time to set up and begin packing down. Your vehicle must be removed from the site by 5.30pm. We do not provide parking for vehicles. 

Vehicles are only permitted back onto site to load after the official event close time once the all clear by the Event Management team has been given.

All shelving, extra tables, lighting, and anything else required to display merchandise to best effect is the stallholder’s responsibility. No temporary structures or display stands are permitted outside of the footprint of your pitch.

Sale of alcohol

Please note that if you intend to sell alcohol, you will need to obtain your own TEN license. Evidence of your premise license and personal license will be required before event opening. Failure to obtain your own premise license will mean you are unable to trade.

Successful applications

Application packs are only sent out to successful applicants and must be returned, with payment and documents, by the specified date to secure your trade space.

Please ensure that the description of your product in the application form is clear and concise. This will be used for marketing and web descriptions.